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Resources for Successful Doulas

Hello All!

We love to hear from you! So! Tell us what classes you need more of, to feel successful?

Meanwhile, here is a list of some blog articles and extra classes we already offer so you can get as much education and be as successful as possible - right from the start!

Business Organization and Document Systemization:

blog post for more information on specific forms and systemizing your business as you’re in the beginning development of creating your client-flow processes. Organization now, will save you LOADS of time later.

If you want to buy the document suite, it's $39 here:

Driving More Traffic to Your Website:

Need more business? Having trouble getting found by your ideal clients? We have put the finishing touches on a class for Search Engine Optimization AKA: How to get your website to rank as high as possible on Google.

Here is a link to that resource:

and here is a Blog post about it, so you can learn more:

Insurance Reimbursement for Doula Services:

Looking for help to assist your clients in getting insurance reimbursement for your services? Look no further than our updated Insurance Claims for Doulas class

that you can find here:

Mother Blessing Ceremony:

Want to add the Postpartum Mother Blessing Ceremony to the beautiful services you offer clients?

This class is a LOVELY introduction to the way you can do that:

Feel free to share these links and articles with friends and colleagues - And let us know if you want any other specific doula-related education and we will create a class for you! Post your suggestions in the comments below!

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