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Are Your Ideal Clients Finding You?

Who even knows you exist???

Getting found by your ideal clientele sounds good. However, it doesn’t just happen. You might have a gorgeous website with lots of beautiful photos and stories and it could be very informative and helpful and have all the perfect sales pitches but if nobody ever goes to your site, it may as well not exist.

Sure, you might have it listed on your business card. It should also be in the signature of every email you send out and linked from every one of your social media accounts. Maybe it’s on your bumper sticker or in pamphlets or on a sign on your door. But what do all of those have in common? Someone coming across your website on any of those access points means that THEY ALREADY KNOW YOU EXIST! They have already had some form of contact with you, no matter how remote it may be – they’ve had the opportunity to connect with you directly already.

Search engine results are there to steer people toward you that have never heard about you or met you before. People whose sole connection to you is through their search for what you offer. These people are not just coming across your name casually. They are ACTIVELY seeking out what you offer and they are probably 3 steps into the sales process already.

They have decided they have a need to fill.

They have decided they want to fill that need now, or soon.

They have begun to search for the fulfillment of that need.

They are ready to meet you and begin the fulfillment process, with you.

Problem is, they haven’t met you yet. And if you’re not ranking high enough in the search engines when they go looking for what you offer, they never will, either.

This is where SEO comes in!

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

You optimize your website for the best possible ranking on the search engines.

This is when you do everything you can to program your website and customize it's content to organically rank in the highest possible position, when someone is searching for your product or service.

What are Organic Search Results?

It is how your website is ranked by search engines based solely on the merits of your site. Paid-For listings may get top results, but they say “sponsored” and many people skip over these results because they know they are paid advertisements. Organic search results are considered the most applicable or relevant to your search terms.

This isn't by chance.

There are a lot of things you can do to set up your company for success and this is a vital piece.

Get FOUND by your target market.

BE THERE in the first search results when someone is looking for your product or services.

How do you use SEO to your advantage?

Well, it's kinda complicated. There are a number of elements that affect your ranking. You need to know how to manipulate those elements within your website and around the traffic and incoming links to your website. You also need to know which ones are more important than others, and how to change the way search engines "see" or read your website.

We have an SEO class that we highly recommend you take. You can use this information to support your website design process, whether you've hired someone to help you or not.

...and remember, just because your website comes up when you search your business name doesn't mean a THING! Why? Because that is EASY to do, and if someone already knows your business name, they already know YOU and can find you easily. We aren't trying to find people who already know you. We are trying to find the people who are looking for what you offer, but haven't met you yet. :)

This class is being offered live, at a 50% off discounted rate. Once we have recorded the workshop live, it will be available for instant download - however, it will be priced at the regular price. Join in on the live, for the 50% off price.

We will update this post with the link to the full-price class after it's been uploaded and made available to the public.

Take the class, learn how to utilize these insider techniques and rise above the competition in your search rankings!

See you there!


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