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Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum experience are an amazing time for families.  

We believe it is one of the highest honors to be a presence during these sacred transitions in life. You may have realized you feel "called" to this kind of service.  


We recognize that it's like a magnet: nurturing souls find themselves drawn to expectant mothers and newborns.

Our programs validate the natural, instinctive wisdom you already possess, and then we help you to add more skills, bringing invaluable support to the families you care for.

We offer online doula courses as well as in person workshops to help you attain the maternity support skills you need to be your best.  


We provide International Board Certification - required by many hospitals to attend births.


"Virtual training went really well, better that expected. The instructors were awesome, very down to earth and cheerful. They ALL made you feel comfortable to ask any questions that you had and the information that was given exceeded my expectations. 


- Aubrion T, Combo Student



Whether supporting moms through pregnancy and labor as a birth doula appeals to you, or caring for her and her newborns after the birth as a postpartum doula, we will equip you to provide excellence. Our programs also teach AND assist you to start, build and grow your birth-related business.  We provide online doula courses as well as in person workshops for doula training options.



It is our goal to help you fulfill your dream of changing the birthing world, one family at a time.  We currently need people like you who want to be trained and certified to come on board and help us train others. The demand is so great.  


Imagine the infinite impact you can have on families as you multiply your knowledge in others - who then go on to serve families you would never be able to reach alone!

Click Here to Become a Trainer



Without education, there can be no positive change.  

Without positive change, there will be no improvement.

Everything starts with unbiased, "unbought" education.


You can learn specifically about breastfeeding and learn to support and educate families about lactation. 

Or... You can become a full-scope MaternityWise Educator. By this, we mean a qualified educator capable of teaching childbirth education, breastfeeding basics and newborn care.



Are there no training workshops available in your area for the programs you desire to complete?  Request one!

You can also be our host.  When you host a training, you will receive discounts on your own tuition.  


Contact us to learn more!  803-701-WISE 

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