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MaternityWise Childbirth Educator

What is the MaternityWise Educator certification?

You will get certified to teach all 3:

Childbirth Preparation (CBE)

Breastfeeding Readiness (CLSE)

Newborn Care Classes (NCE)

utilizing the gold standard of curriculums!

When you are done, you will walk away with 3 credentials which will enable you to provide top tier maternity education in any setting.


Our next virtual classroom group runs 12 weeks.

To reserve your seat in this virtual, weekly "flow" class,

pay the deposit today.

Our exciting new program, the MaternityWise Educator will be taught in a hybrid virtual classroom format.

What does Hybrid Virtual mean?  

It means that assignments, video lectures, and projects will be uploaded on Monday morning of each week.  Access to lectures, videos, quizzes, etc. will be available 24/7 throughout the week.  You will then have until Friday of that week to turn in any work assigned on Monday.  The time format is open and flowing - just like real life, and will allow you the flexibility to work on your own terms and at your own pace, within the framework of weekly goal setting to hold you accountable and keep you moving through the process.


Throughout the week, class will be held in an evolving forum style format.  Discussions, sharing and interaction will be real time, as well as viewable later as people add their own input to the class throughout the week.  Your trainers will schedule, announce and hop on live video chats periodically throughout the week to assist the class and individual students as needed.  These meetings will also be recorded for review by others students at any time afterward, as appropriate.

How long will this course take?

The hybrid virtual classroom will run for 12 weeks.  If you do not complete everything in those 12 weeks, it's ok - You will have a full year (12 months from enrollment) total to complete the course for certification.

You will have access to your trainer and mentors throughout the class trimester and for the remainder of your 12 month student status, both within the forum (during the 12 week virtual classroom period) as well as via phone, text, and email for the entire duration of your enrollment.

What are the certification requirements?

- Membership Current and in Good Standing  

- Join MaternityWise closed facebook page, for membership benefits and ongoing support

- Join MaternityWise Virtual Classroom, participate in weekly activities and turn in work on time

- Complete Required Reading Books  (and answer corresponding questions)

- Complete Written Assignments (vocabulary, essay research questions, class outline / handout creation)

- Complete the 3 Foundation eClasses 

- Teach and submit 1 recorded class for each credential, with a minimum of 3 client families

- Turn in evaluations from your students


 How can I use these credentials after I earn them?

You will be able to work in a variety of settings, teaching childbirth and maternity education to adult learners.  Many clinics, hospitals, birth centers and community-based pregnancy care centers do not want to hire someone who is only qualified in teaching Childbirth Ed, because ultimately, they want to provide 3 main classes to their patients (yep, you guessed it!  CBE, Newborn Care and Breastfeeding!) and you will be qualified to do all 3.

If you have your own practice as a doula, nurse, midwife, OBGYN, or other maternal health provider, you can incorporate these classes into your own business and broaden what you have to offer birthing families.

If you simply want to be an educator in a private practice of your own - you can do that too!  This is a great place to start!

Do you offer CEUs?

We are currently in the process of applying for nursing (CEUs) Continuing Education Unit and Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

How do the payments work?

A Registration Deposit of $250 will be required to hold your spot.  

You will choose a payment schedule after submitting your deposit (see options below):  

These prices are in addition to the required deposit.

IF your need a different schedule of payments please let us know.

Current/Certified MWI Doula Students:

Deposit of $250

Then payment plan of 

12 weeks @ $125/wk



Pay in Full  @ $1500

New MaternityWise Students:

Deposit of $250

Then payment plan of

12 weeks @ $175/wk


Pay in Full  @ $2000

We are so excited to be offering this hybrid format and we look forward to working together with you toward making the birthing world a better place!
Please send me more info on the MaternityWise Educator Program

Thanks for submitting!  

Check your spam folder for our response!

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