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Can I use this certification in any countries other than the United States?

     Yes!  Our certification process is a "board approval" process and your credentials will be recognized no matter where you might practice - both in the United States and abroad.  

In fact, we have many students who come from all over the world including Israel, Singapore, Botswana, Ireland, Canada, Panama, Australia and others.

How long will it take me to complete the certification?

     This is up to you, but if you really dedicate time each day to working on it, you can finish the study portion within 2-3 months.  It may take longer to wait on clients to give birth, or to attend a workshop, but you do not have to wait to do the book work - you can get started on that immediately!

Is there a deadline?

     Yes!  While we understand that you may have a lot going on in your life, we do require that you complete your credentialing application within 18 months.  Please let us know if you need an extension.

Is my certificate good forever?

     No!  Protocols change, new information is being discovered all the time.  It is important for you to be able to prove to clients that you are constantly learning and staying up to date.  Our certification is one of the longest, but the requirement for you to renew is to help protect you in your practice as well as make sure you're giving the best care to the clients you serve.

How long does the certification last?

     When you gain credentialing with us, it will be active from the date of approval, for 5 years!  The start and end dates will be listed on your frame-able certification award.  At that time, you will renew your certification and receive a new certificate award with new dates on it.  The renewal process is simplified and inexpensive.  You will always be provided with an authenticated, seal-embossed and signed certificate to show your current and active credentialing status.

What if I can't attend a birth without a certificate?

     We have a solution for that!  We provide something called a Provisional Certificate.  Submit all your work, other than the birth evaluations required and request a Provisional Certificate.  We will give you a digital document that is good for 90 days (dates will show on the document) - to allow you entrance into facilities that require one.  If you need entrance before you can submit all your work, we can provide you with a letter stating that you are enrolled in our program.  That letter will state the date of your enrollment and the 18 month deadline, unless you've requested and paid for a 6 month credentialing extension - which will also be noted on your letter.

What sets MaternityWise apart from other programs?

     It's a program started by a group of women, including an inspirational business educator who wanted to help other women and their families to enjoy the special time and adjustment surrounding birth.  The training programs include a business growth seminar free of charge. We also pride ourselves on offering the latest technology to continue educating our members.  


You'll also receive a LOT more than conventional medical information. Yeah, we're holistic and a little on the crunchy side, but we will also teach you how to navigate those less crunchy situations! Diplomacy can make or break a team effort for a mother's birth experience.  We help you to learn the skills needed to keep everyone happy, while getting the mother what she wants and needs, regardless of her chosen birth location.

How will I find clients?

     As part of the MaternityWise Institute programs, you will learn many ways to promote your business on a shoestring budget. You will also receive local and national resource contact information for networking and growing your business. All members are also listed on the MaternityWise referral network information given to parents when they contact us, and because of our front page ranking on every search engine, this site is well-trafficked.

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