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The MaternityWise Institute Story


In 2002, Anne Johnson, Amber Eaton, April Tvinnereim, and Emily Johnson set out to create an organization that would provide comprehensive, unbiased education for doulas everywhere.  After training with the only other organizations in existence, who were also polarized within their philosophy to either be fully pro-conventional medical care, where doulas never really disagreed, were not trained in alternatives or chose not to provide full information - becoming "hand holders" for fear of physician backlash... to those who were hyper-focused on alternatives, creating an aggressive, confrontational environment between patient and provider.  


Needless to say, neither of these are truly helpful to a birthing or postpartum mother needing a supportive person to empower and assist her.


Starting in 2002, MaternityWise International trained postpartum doulas solely.  Beginning in 2008, mentoring labor doulas became an official credential offered, followed by 2010, when our first Distance Program students were accepted and in 2014, we began training Lactation Support & Educators.  This year, the MaternityWise Educator certification will roll out and those who wish to be educators from fertility to pregnancy, to birth and breastfeeding to postpartum will finally have an all-encompassing credential to wear.  Many hospitals, birth centers, governmental agencies and parenting organizations are looking for full-scope educators and this credential will provide just that.

In 2017, a major rejuvenation of the organization began.  Our look changed, our name changed, our process changed, and while the amazingly full and comprehensive content of our programs as well as philosophy has not changed, the systematics of the credentialing process is being simplified, and the fluff cut out.  Efficiency and effectiveness are the focal points of every program revamp.

Our dream has always been to help women help each other.  Both to impact the birthing community but also to bless their families financially by doing something so natural and intuitive as supporting one another.

Over the years, our founders had (more) babies of their own and slowly began to step away from the organization to care for their growing families.  Volunteers came and went, as did several interns, trainers and additional board members. The two original founders who are still with us today, are Anne Croudace and Amber Eaton.  They continue to give countless unpaid hours to the cause. Amber handles the Solutions Committee and provides a "steering seat" on the Board of Advisors.  Anne continues to be the Director of Training and in 2017 has taken on the role of President as the overhaul rolls out.


Do you want to be part of this exciting time in MaternityWise history?  

We are excited to announce that there are positions within the organization that are available, including Board seats, mentoring positions, trainers, and advocacy representatives.  If you would like to get involved, please contact us.  We are so excited to hear from you!

More about Anne Croudace NYC Doula Practice here

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