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MaternityWise has been through an evolution since it's inception back in 2002. What began as a private doula practice quickly became a training opportunity for those who sought out a more balanced approach to maternity care support than what was available, which at the time were only two other organizations specifically training doulas.  The discrepancies between what was available to women (either very pro-conventional medicine, or very anti-conventional medicine) led to the development of a comprehensive, standardized curriculum that could be moulded and used internationally.  


MaternityWise is unique in that we are the only Internationally recognized organization that holds such a standard.  Our curriculum is based on whole-earth practices and "pure information".  What this means is that while you will learn what is practiced locally in your country and community, you will also learn what the rest of the world is doing and how to incorporate that wisdom to challenge the status quo and bring improvements to maternity care everywhere.

"Pure Information" is a term we use to categorize the knowledge we share as an organization.  It is pure, because no one profits from this information.  We use intuitive wisdom blended with logic where science fails to provide answers.  It is our favorite thing when science "proves" what we already know in our hearts to be true, as women and as mothers.

In 2017, MaternityWise International was re-born as The MaternityWise Institute.  We remain an international, board-certifying organization providing education and credentials for labor and postpartum doulas as well as lactation support people.  This is the year we will also introduce the MaternityWise Educator program and the first of it's kind EpiDoula Program, training labor support companions how to decrease cesareans in mothers who have an epidural.

When MaternityWise Institute started over again from scratch in 2017, it began a new chapter of excellence, with new leadership, follow-through and a premier mentoring program.  What we have learned from the past and from participating in other programs around the globe, we are putting into the future so that MWI can become a standard to follow by all education programs out there!  Our premier programs, and forward thrust, developing unique education to meet the ever-changing needs of the birthing family sets us apart.  We invite you to join with us to change the birthing world!

Join a Growing Team

make a difference


The process of becoming a leader within the MaternityWise Institute is rigorous, yet uncomplicated. We have high standards for those who would be teachers of the next generation of doulas and educators.  In order to qualify, you must have been practicing for over 2 years and have a minimum of a combined 20 documented birth/postpartum/class experience.  Simple, right?  Then...

If you qualify, and you're interested in interviewing for a leadership position, please submit an email to our Director that includes your curriculum vitae or resume' along with an explanation of why you want to pursue this important work and why you would make a good addition to our team.   We look forward to hearing from you!

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