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In most cultures around the world, you will find postpartum rituals that include blessing the mother and promoting physical wellness as well as emotional and mental health. This mini-class will explore the beautiful practice that we like to call a Postpartum Blessing Ceremony and how to provide one.


A Closing of the Bones ceremony, is a similar practice found in Mexico, which bring together some of the elements we utilize. In addition, we gather traditions from around the world to play a part in this important rite of passage. The idea of closing the bones comes from the binding of the pelvis and is used to give support and closure to the bones of the body, while we also incorporate bathing, soaking, herbal preparations, teas, essential oils, holding and positioning of the body, minerals, crystals, guided meditation and a little peer to peer talk therapy to provide closure for the mind and heart.


After a traumatic birth experience, mothers benefit greatly from extra attention and pampering, but this concept is for every woman who ever gave birth, regardless of the mode of delivery or how long it may have been. After the 6 week mark, or at whatever point the mother stops bleeding, you can incorporate this gift in your services for her. This means, anyone can receive this kind of care, no matter how far postpartum they may be - even years or decades later - this nurturing, healing practice can positively impact those who receive it and all who participate in giving it.


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Intro to Postpartum Blessing Ceremony

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