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Sept 10-13, 2020
Private Beach Retreat House 

San Diego Doula Training Combo

This Super Combo is a rare doula training opportunity in San Diego,

to get not just 1, but 3 different certifications in a very efficient, entertaining and refreshing weekend:

Day 1, 6-8pm:

Reception and Inner Work, Self-Care Focus

Day 2, 8am-6pm:

Labor Doula Focus

Day 3, 8am-6pm:

EpiDoula Focus (reducing complications and cesarean rates for epidural moms)

Day 4, 9am-6pm:

Lactation Support and Educator Focus

(click above to learn more about each doula training program offered)

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Learn from the best of the best

Trainers with decades of experience & success

Your trainer has over 26 years of experience in this field of caregiving and has created three successful, and very profitable businesses as a doula and maternity educator.  

She wants to make a difference for all birthing families but cannot reach them all on her own.  She needs your help.  Her desire is to pour out all her secrets, everything she knows, to mentor you, encourage you and advise YOUR ongoing process and journey of becoming a doula - to help you be as successful as possible!


She is dedicated to your growth and success, because then, more families be reached and impacted and untold numbers of lives with be saved and healed.  YOU are that caregiver who will make the difference.

San Diego Doula Training Courses doula certification


Anne Croudace

San Diego Doula Training workshops for certification courses doula training doula courses programs

Beautiful, designer location

Comfortable, intimate small group setting

In this gorgeous, relaxed private retreat home, you'll be treated to a number of gifts, tools, kits and samples to enjoy.  A light breakfast, healthy lunch with vegan options as well as yummy snacks and beverages will be provided each day. 

We will learn about essential oils, try out massage techniques, drink detoxifying tea and work on deeply transformative personal healing.  


Your perspective and ability to provide amazing service to your clients and prioritize self-care will come into balance.  You will practice gentle movement as well as how to utilize the Hawaiian "Ha" or breathe of life in your practice.  Another unique technique you'll find indispensable, is learning the baby rotation hula :)

Doula Training in San Diego doula training in california doula courses


Retreat Style Learning


Nurturing community and friendships

Mentoring and exclusive support just for you

Group activities will incorporate hilarious role-playing, gentle hands-on practice, and so much more as you get to know your fellow students and create a bond that will last.

Local experts will join us as special speakers each day and you will receive more networking resources than you ever imagined possible to get your business marketing started off with a bang!

Don't let yourself feel intimidated.  The women who come to our trainings are just like you - with big, warm hearts and kind, gentle souls.  You're going to fit right in!  Some are starting from scratch with little to no experience and some have been nurses for 20 years!  This full experience will be refreshing for all!

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This is so much more than just school!

Join a Family Community

More About the Event


WARNING: This is a retreat style event. You will be pampered while learning how to pamper families.  Your heart will be opened, and the servant in you will be served and loved on for an entire weekend!  If you are NOT in need of a restful, peaceful, blissful experience in a heavenly location, this event is not for you.  :)

At this relaxing and fun workshop, we will focus on you!  

  • We talk you through working as a DOULA, from start to finish

  • How to find clients

  • Secure contracts, "close the sale"

  • Support those families through prenatal visits, labor, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding - every twist and turn to a happy conclusion of your care 

  • You'll receive business forms, outlines to use during patient interaction, marketing materials and so much more!  

  • We'll also teach you how to "exit interview" in a way that will bring in free, word of mouth marketing for you for years to come.  

Imagine a fulfilling career supporting mothers through pregnancy, childbirth, and then with breastfeeding their newborn!  You can make such an impact on the world, and for countless future generations!  Mothers crave this non-judgmental, nurturing support, and you bring your open heart to give it.  Maybe you find yourself naturally drawn to this kind of caring for others?  Now is the time to pursue those dreams and make doing this as your career, a reality!  You can do something so natural, while blessing your family financially.  There is no better way to fulfill your calling.


We will start with an evening reception with relaxing beverages and mellow music at a beautiful beach house.  Flowing through this sacred safe space will be vulnerability and openess.  You have come to do some inner-healing work and this is the foundation for the weekend.  Woven throughout the next 3 days, you'll find lots of self-discovery, and acceptance for the amazing soul that you are!  We dig deep and uproot things that are standing in your way.  The weekend will finish with a gratitude ceremony and deeply meaningful gift that you will take with you into this next phase of your life.


During the 3 day weekend, we will participate in many individual and group activities:

  • Close your eyes, inhale deeply and benefit from special birth-related aromatherapy as you learn about essential oils

  • Relax your body and your mind with new, labor specific massage techniques

  • Drink detoxifying teas and learn about herbal preparations to support healthy bodies

  • Think through trouble shooting and brainstorm ways to deal with difficult situations before you encounter them

  • Gain clarity. Work on deeply transformative personal introspections about your own life calling

  • Your perspective and ability to provide amazing service to your clients and prioritize self-care will come into balance.  You will practice gentle movement to keep your body awake and your mind alert.

  • Welcome new and unique techniques only taught in our workshops such as how to utilize the Hawaiian "Ha" or breathe of life in your practice.  Another very special technique you'll find indispensable, is learning the baby rotation hula :) from our island loving trainer. 

  • Light breakfast each day, snacks and healthy lunches with vegan options also provided to nourish your body, while we nurture your souls.


Thursday, 6pm-8pm:

Reception, Inner-work, Self-love focus

Friday, 8am-6pm:

Labor Doula Focus

Saturday, 8am-6pm:

EpiDoula Focus (reducing risk of complications including c-section for epidural moms)

Sunday, 8am-6pm:

Lactation Support and Educator Focus



If you're interested, please get your deposit in to hold your spot.  

Click here to sign up now!  This retreat style event will fill quickly!


The pricing includes: your Membership fee ($49) and your Certification Packet fees ($29 each course) as well as the cost of the Workshops themselves, manuals, extra materials like teaching kits, tools, gifts, samples and lunches each day. You will also be invited to attend all Birth-Business-Building webinars we offer online - also for free. 

This pricing does NOT include: lodging, travel expenses or any additional books required for certification.

When you do the Combo Training (meaning you attend all workshops this weekend) you will save a lot or time and money! 

You can also utilize a payment plan. 


If you are military, please let us know and you will receive another $100 off your total tuition balance. Thank you for your service and sacrifice!


We look forward to meeting you and serving you through this transformative weekend of education and fun. 

Since this is a private rental house, we will provide the address to those who have enrolled and paid.  


If you are coming from out of town and need accomodations, please contact the trainer, Anne Croudace 952-457-6506 for assistance.

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