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Winter Wellness with Essential Oils

January 9, 2024 @ 1-230pm

Join our Director Anne Wallen along with other special guests to help us learn more about how Essential Oils can keep our families healthy during the winter months.

"As a birth worker and doula trainer, I'm constantly utilizing oils to help me keep my immune system in top shape. I never want to pick up illnesses that will keep me home when I need to be out supporting laboring families, caring for newborns and teaching doulas!" -Anne

Essential Oils are not just a smell-good fragrance for the home. Sure, pure oils DO smell great! But did you know they also have truly therapeutic properties that can do a lot more than create a nice smelling environment?

Since ancient times, essential oils have been used to promote wellness, strengthen every system in the body, heal injuries, emotional wounds, even trauma. We are complex beings and our lived experiences affect our physical health as well as mental health. You can use essential oils to support your own well-being along with your loved ones, clients, neighbors, anybody!

During this class, you'll learn beyond the basics, AND the entire 2nd half of the class will be dedicated to giving you the opportunity to ask LOTS of questions about what oils might be right for you and your situation. Don't miss this!

So get your cup of tea ready and join us for this awesome learning event!

Go here to register:

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