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Breastfeeding Support and Lactation Educator

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

When a mother first gives birth, it doesn't matter how many books or videos she has learned from, she will need to intuitively begin to nurture and nourish her newborn according to how her baby responds and how her body provides.  

Sometimes, this comes very naturally...  The baby latches on well with very little effort on either party's part.  Sometimes this comes with a little work and encouragement.  Sometimes it seems to not work at all.

Have you considered the vastly important role of the Lactation Consultant?

Like doulas, there are many different "stripes" of breastfeeding support in existence. The doula and lactation training organization that I am with has a program called the Lactation Support and Educator program.  (yes, this appears to be a shameless plug! #unashamed)

This program is fantastic, because it is so unique: 

Lactation Support & Educator

It's the only program in existence that offers 2 facets:

1. it specifically equips doulas to support breastfeeding moms who have literally, minutes ago, just given birth.  We are there for that first latch, right?  What if it doesn't go perfectly????  We need to know how to help! The labor and delivery crew often wants to check the box that the baby is on the breast, but they are very busy with a lot of aspects of their job and they don't always have time to really take a close look at how the latch is going - or even if it is a true latch.

2. to teach breastfeeding 101 classes to the expecting and newly postpartum mother and her partner. The CLSE can do this in private, group, hospital, or any other setting where breastfeeding classes are taught.

As doulas, labor and postpartum, we usually see mom at least once after the birth as well.  We may be that first line of action when the baby isn't breastfeeding well.  After going through this course, not only can you help to avoid a possible "failure to thrive" scenario, but you'll be rounding out and adding value to your business model offerings.

If we are not the Gold Star of Lactation Support (and by that, I mean IBCLC), how can we possibly achieve the big claim I made about avoiding a failure to thrive scenario?

Well, we are trained to recognize when a latch is normal and we can help babies to achieve a good, productive latch while breastfeeding, that helps them get the most milk at each feeding.  If we find that after working with a couple, the latch is still really not happening, or there is a possible problem such as a tongue tie, or baby is truly not gaining weight, or we notice the jaundice increasing, we can help a mom get medical treatment sooner than later.  This is important, because while new moms might have a "hunch" that something is wrong, they don't always know what, why or how to respond.

We will be in Maryland, Colorado, Atlanta, Hawaii, NYC and many other cities to help train women who want to be Doulas and Lactation Support & Educators.  

MaternityWise is also looking to add Trainers to their team, so if you are interested in either of these options, please get in touch.  I'd love to hear from you and I would love to meet you in person! Get in touch!



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