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doula certification doula training
doula training workshop doula certification
becoming a doula training

Welcome to a Rewarding Career

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"I've been to trainings with other organizations and this one was WAY more valuable than anything I've spent money on so far.  I wish I had found MaternityWise first.  With the other organizations I was not given what I needed to be ready and make a difference.  Now, I can and I will.  I finally feel confident.  I am so thankful for MaternityWise and my teachers and mentors."
- Monique J

"I feel this training gave me what I needed to get started and equipped me to be the best doula possible. I love the dedication and passion of all the instructors."

- Janet D, Combo Student


Economical Choice

Changing careers is not always an easy choice - for a lot of reasons, sometimes finances is the biggest.  We don’t want this to be an obstacle for you!  This is why we offer many opportunities for scholarships (partial and full) throughout the year, and why we provide payment plans for those who need one!

With MaternityWise doula courses (labor / birth doula and postpartum doula) training and lactation support and educator certification, you can get comprehensive training in how to care for families through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum season.  

When comparing the price of our online doula courses or in-person doula workshops vocational programs with traditional university costs, you'll find our doula training programs to be worth every penny.

With our programs, you will be able to earn your educational investment back with just a few clients. Being a certified doula with all the extra skills also ensures that you will be chosen by parents and agencies/employers, and earn top dollar in your industry and within your community.

Our live, online doula courses as well as our lactation support and educator programs are all-inclusive which means you won't be "nickel and dimed" along the way.  

We have chosen to remove all annual membership fees.  The only thing you'll be responsible for after initial enrollment, is the credentialing fee once you've completed all your assignments and submit them for certification.  


Our RE-certification is every 5 years and we no longer require a yearly membership fee to maintain it!

"Totally worth every penny - just what I needed to start my business!  Thank you, Thank you!  I've already got 5 clients lined up!"

- Jenn C

Pure Information


What we teach is based on truth represented by science and logic. We call it "Pure Information" which means you are not hearing pseudo-science that leads to profit for any party.

We also do not hold to any philosophy other than educating you with comprehensive knowledge.  You need to be able to understand and translate medical perspectives including their benefits and risks as well as fully understand alternatives and how they interplay with medical advice.  

Taking a "side" does not benefit mothers in the long run, but giving them complete information so that they may make truly informed choices is the goal.

We provide comprehensive online doula training, in-person birth and postpartum doula certification, as well as lactation support and educator training and certification.  We now offer EpiDoula and soon will provide additional certifications such as the MaternityWise Educator and Infant Specific Expertise.

"Our trainers were amazing. The location was super comfortable and the food was delicious and healthy! I feel so confident now and have more skills to offer that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else."

- Melissa N

Top Tier Business Education


There are no other doula training programs in existence that provide business instruction to the level that MaternityWise Institute does.  

Our business mentors and educators own their own businesses and have proven incomes of $100,000 per year or more.


They have also demonstrated high ethical standards within their local communities. This is important because deceptive, profit-focused practices are never beneficial to empower families.  There is no place for this attitude in birth doula or postpartum doula or lactation support.  It is a blessing that we can do this work and bless our families financially, by doing something so natural.  

You will learn from the best in the industry, and always have someone to bounce things off of as you develop and grow. Your success is our goal.  Being a sustainable business is important, because without it, you cannot continue this work.  Our priority is to support your journey, to succeed and make a difference in the lives of families everywhere.

"Virtual training went really well, better that expected. The instructors were awesome, very down to earth and cheerful. They ALL made you feel comfortable to ask any questions that you had and the information that was given exceeded my expectations. 


- Aubrion T, Combo Student

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