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This course will provide you with guidance and the entreprenuerial knowledge you need to create a reliable foundation for your business to thrive upon.  Start from the basics, and learn the tricks of the trade for everything from business formation, to logo creation, to systemizing your client flow.  This class is invaluable!


You will receive the recordings from our live class, along with the documents and helpful resource lists that are referred to and recommended during the workshop.


Day 1:  Identity

Day 2: Engagement

Day 3: Conversions


We dig deeper into each of these phases of business and help you to create yours with the flair that makes you unique!  Don't miss out on this info packed, inspiring and empowering course.

Birth Biz Bootcamp Intensive

  • This course is the intellectual property of MaternityWise Intl.  No refunds or transfers are available.  Please do not share the course, any portions of video, audio or documentation provided as part of the course, without express written consent of the owner.  We do however, encourage you to share your journey, and using still images of yourself as you interact with this material is permissible.  :)

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