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Delayed Cord Clamping - What's All the Fuss?

Originally published by the BBC:

"A new study shows that newborn babies can reap the health benefits of a delay in cutting their umbilical cord - whilst they're safe in their mothers' arms. It had been thought that gravity was necessary for the blood to drain from the placenta to the baby - who had to be held lower than the mother. But research carried out in Argentina has shown that babies can still benefit from this "extra" blood during their first cuddle."

So... I have a question.  If moments before birth, while INSIDE the belly, baby was essentially equal to being on top of mom, and receiving it's blood supply then...  How does it differ, if he is now on top of mom (albeit on top of her skin, instead of under it) in terms of the blood flow of the umbilical cord?  Anybody else think that a requirement to lower baby lacks logic? Perhaps it's because lowering baby and allowing gravity to help, makes the process of blood transfer faster. Which causes me to ask - who is in a hurry?

If a cord has enough strong pressure pumping through it, to prevent a true knot (see below) from cutting off baby's blood supply as demonstrated by this little boy's internal acrobatics and the result thereof...  how is this small difference of on top of mother or not, going to make a significant impact, other than the time it might take to allow it to finish doing it's job?

Sure, I get how gravity may make placental infusion of a newborn's blood happen faster, but who is in a rush and why?  I think the true question here is how long to wait before interfering in the natural process?  Can you watch this beautiful process unfold or must you control it, manage it, and interrupt it...?  And why would you?

Is anybody asking these questions?

Parents, Are you?

Do we really need to leave it to Argentina to tell us what is best for our babies?  (No offense, Argentinians!!)

While you're writing your birth plan, read up on early vs delayed cord clamping.  Also watch this video:

And then ask yourself the questions of how logical is any of it.  Is there another mammal on the planet who cuts or clamps the cord of their young before the placenta is even expelled?  I'll give you the short answer: No.  So why are we?

Sometimes nature already does what scientists just haven't figured out yet.

Just sayin... The world HAS been peopled after all.

Become a certified doula.  Attend a doula training, and be better equipped to answer these questions!

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