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Health Attestation

Dear In-Person Workshop Student,

Your health is very important to us and we appreciate the community-care mindset of our doula students and staff.


During any event, there will be bathrooms, soap, hand sanitizer, and plenty of open space with generous airflow available. We ask that you remove shoes upon entry to the space, wash your hands and maintain comfortable social distancing whenever able. The space will also be sanitized every evening after class ends.


There will be opportunities for hands-on learning (such as practicing acupressure techniques on one another) that you may opt-out of, if you feel you should. Opting-out will in no way affect your certification qualifications.

We will not be requiring a negative covid test, vaccination proofs or mask wearing during this event – because we believe those are personal choices that you are free to make for your own personal health and safety. As a group, we trust each other to monitor our own health status and if you’re feeling ill, running a fever, develop a cough (allergies or otherwise - just in case) please refrain from attending.

By attending this event, you agree to abide by the principles explained above and also release MaternityWise Intl as a whole, as well as your fellow students, from any liability for illness, injury or other harm resulting from your attendance at this event.

Please fill out this Health Attestation for your In-Person Training, before you arrive.  You will not be able to enter the training space without having this completed.

Health Attestation

Your answers are confidential.

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