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Anne Croudace, Director of MWI
Nov 19, 2021
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Hello! We are so glad you're here. If you're reading this right now, it probably means that you're a little mix of nurturing, peace-vibing, birthy, big mama energy, knowledge-sharing advocate and truth-teller, with open arms for mamas and babies! Sounds like a recipe for amazing maternal support! You're in the right place! As we grow and expand, we are opening an interactive forum for how we do the certification process. It's going to be a little more structured and feel a lot more supportive! That is the goal! The better we support you - the better you can support birthing families! And that translates into a positive impact on the maternal and infant mortality rates around the world, particularly with the most high risk family dynamics (specifically racial disparities). If you've been around here long enough, you know we get pretty fired up over these issues! This virtual setting is where we gather our students into small groups according to their enrollment dates and programs. Your trainers and mentors are available to you throughout the process of certification. On Mondays, your group will receive their assignments for the week and it will be due Friday of the same week, unless otherwise stated. Assignments include video watching, reading chapters in the required books, researching the answers for essay questions and vocabulary, as well as other fun activities to maintain high levels of interaction and support for this exciting adventure you're on! The way to enter into this form of learning, we are providing you with a subscription process. This will allow you to pay in smaller chunks, over time and receive support for the duration of the certification process. Stay tuned for links to begin your own journey toward making a difference for birthing families everywhere!
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Anne Croudace, Director of MWI
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