We will take our basic documents package and customize it with your business brand name and logo. Please provide your logo and or the name/colors of the font you use for your business name and allow us 3-5 business days to get your customized documents to you. This customized business paperwork suite will come to you as a zipped file with both Word and PDF versions of each document, so that you can edit the wording, the look, whatever you want and make it yours!List of Documents Included in this branded pack are...Basic Initial Paperwork, Worksheets  and Handouts:- Baby Registry - Recommendations - Boundaries for Self Health- Client Intake Form- Customized Care Plan- Insurance Claim Form (blank)- Insurance Reimbursement Process (instructions for client)- List of Care Duties- Menu of Services- Prepare for Baby, Top 10- Sample Care Plan- Sample Invoice Template Class Handouts for Clients:- Breastfeeding 101- Childbirth Ed sessions: 1, 2, 3, 4- Newborn Answers- VBAC PrepLabor Support:- Birth Plan Development- Birth Plan Sample- Binder Cover- Hydrotherapy Guidelines- Contract Sample- Prenatal Series for 2- Prenatal Series for 4- Nutrient Cheat SheetLactation:- High Risk Reporting Form- Lactation intake Form- Release/Consent/ContractPostpartum Care:- Binder Cover- Postpartum Care Log- Customized Care Plan- Contract SamplePromotional Materials:- Graphics to Use- Birth Trauma Info Sheet- Educate the Public on Doulas- Handout - Our Doulas- Hosting a Workshop- Networking Resource Worksheet- Our Doulas Presentation- Promo - Biz Grand Opening- Talk Show Pitch - Why Choose MWI- Press Release Sample- Sleep Info Sheet for Peds

Customized Biz Docs


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