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The Many Hats of a Postpartum Doula - part 2

So just what does a postpartum doula do? 

Remember, not all doulas are made alike.  Since being a doula is an unregulated occupation, many women call themselves doulas without any doula training or certification.  

Find someone who is not only a Certified doula, but also has references to help you be assured she's got the skills and integrity your families needs to rely on during this vulnerable, and blissful time in your life.

In addition to what we already mentioned in part 1, a postpartum doula’s hats can also include:

4. Peer to Peer Counselor. Is mom feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or just simply overwhelmed with her new role? Mom’s postpartum doula is there to guide her through this time of transition. Giving birth is a huge feat to accomplish! Recovering not just in physical but emotional ways is crucial for any mother. Her postpartum doula is there to counsel her through this time.

5. Personal Assistant. With dad heading back to work and mom still transitioning, wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could go get the milk? A postpartum doula is more than happy to run errands for mom and dad including grocery shopping, picking up baby items, and more.

6. Newborn Nanny. Another dirty diaper? Postpartum doulas can assist with feedings and diaper changes. This is especially wonderful at night so that mom and dad can catch up on much-needed sleep. No need to wake -- baby will be taken care of by the loving arms of the postpartum doula.

The ultimate goal of any postpartum doula is to be a professional mother. No, not a mother to the baby, but a mother to the new mother.  She is there to support, guide, nurture, and love mom as she travels this sacred journey. Even seasoned mothers can gain from the experience and assistance of a postpartum doula as the family transitions into life with a new baby.

Would your family benefit from a postpartum doula? 

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