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I can't afford doula training...

"I want to get qualified to attend births and postpartum moms, but I can't afford the training"

Have you considered how getting certified will increase your income?

Have you considered the factors involved in whether or not you get a raise any time soon?

Have you considered the cost of traditional college?

Work from home.

School from home.

Consider your education an investment.

Because it is!  For example, entering the Online Doula Training Distance Program with MaternityWise International allows you to get a certification, and your credentials for less money than you would make after serving 1 client.



More about payment options below...

Ask about payment plans.

Most of the programs within MaternityWise can have a payment plan applied to them - which make achieving your dreams finally doable!!! You'll need to consult with one of our admissions representatives and make a plan that is comfortable for you and your budget. Next, you'll be sent an agreement to sign that allows us to set up and process automatic payments in the amount you requested and on the dates you chose. Then, once we've received your first payment, you'll receive your materials so you can get started!

Plan ahead and save up.

Everything worth pursuing in life is worth planning for.  If you're like a lot of other women, you've been dreaming of becoming a doula or lactation consultant for a long time.  The process of getting certified is not a quick 3 step process.  You'll need patience and commitment to the learning process.  And many organizations have some sort of payment plan.  MaternityWise often has deals and gives discounts like military, BIPOC and cross-certifying doulas.

Another option is to finance it.  

This isn't ever my first choice, but you can make even smaller payments to your credit card than you can to your training organization.  The value of your training might be worth the extra few dollars in interest in the long run.  Oh yeah, and you can pay off the balance in full as soon as you have been paid by your first client!

Do a Fundraiser.

Use an online fundraiser or another online organization to help you raise the money for your training.

Are you good at cooking?  Hold a bake sale.  

Have stuff around the house?  Spring Cleaning -> eBay or garage sales

Sell your Doula services or birth classes in advance

Write a letter to friends and family members, explain what you need, and why and ask for a donation or a loan.

Where there is a will, there is a way.  You will find it if you want to.  

People sitting around, complaining about not having money are NOT the ones who are out there changing the world.  I hate to hear women limit themselves with the money excuse.

 Stop letting money be the excuse why you haven't chased your dreams!  If you have the will, you WILL find a way!  Brainstorm, pray and go for it!

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