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Frequently Asked Questions

MaternityWise Educator Program

How exactly does the Virtual Classroom set up work?

   It is a forum format, like you're probably familiar with on social media.  Every Monday, your trainer will post your weekly assignment that is due on Friday.  There will likely be a video along with attached documents and/or links and then questions to open discussion.  Student will then have the ability to interact by posting comments, asking questions, sharing images of their work, etc.

   Near the end of the week, your trainer will create another post just for students to upload their assignments in the comments.  This is how we will keep track of late or missing assignments.

Will we use chat rooms?

   No.  You will post comments and interact with fellow students and teachers within the forum just like you would on a social media platform.

Are there going to be group study projects?

   No.  There will be open questions that as a group, you will brainstorm answers, but it will always be in the format of posting within the forum.  There are no group projects that would be required outside the forum.

How long do the recorded classes need to be to qualify for certification?

Childbirth Education: 10-12 hours total

Newborn Care:

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